What is armoured patch cable?

Definition, construction and characteristics of armoured patch cord
armoured cord
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Armoured Patchcord is a new type of fibre optic patchcord, specially designed with a layer of stainless steel sleeving to protect the fibre, with the benefits and features of a standard fibre optic patchcord, but with the durability of armouring.

Structure of Armored Patch Cords

Armored fiber optic patch cords are a tiny diameter stainless steel sheath over the fiber, followed by a layer of aramid yarn and spiral stainless steel armor wrapped around the bare fiber.

Features of armoured patch cords

Armored fiber optic patch cords have high tensile and compressive strength, are rodent proof and cannot be easily damaged by stepping on them. Armored patch cords can be laid directly in outdoor and harsh environments without the use of protective sleeves, and the curvature and diameter of the cable are not greatly restricted, which largely saves space, increases the simplicity of construction placement and reduces construction costs. Despite its robustness, the armoured fibre optic cable is actually as flexible as a standard fibre optic patch cable and can be bent at will without breaking.

Armoured fibre optic patch cords can be supplied with SC, ST, FC, LC, MU and other termination interface types. It can be used for building wiring, optical connection of key equipment in the server room, field operation, sensing detection, fiber optic into the home, community backbone wiring and other complex environments. The stainless steel sheath can protect the fiber optic patch cord from extrusion and rodent penetration. Another application for armoured fibre patch cords is in data centres, providing flexible interconnections for active devices, passive optical devices and cross-connections.

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