Specific application of different optical PLC splitters

The application for LGX PLC splitter ,Mini plc splitter and PLC splitter with ABS box
PLC splitter
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Optical PLC splitter is a core passive component in an FTTH system.Optical PLC splitter, also called an optical beam splitter, is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device that can split an input optical signal into two or more output optical signals, with the optical input power evenly distributed over all output ports.

Classification of optical splitters

1.Mini PLC splitter

Mini PLC refers to the use of steel tube packaging, out of the fiber using 0.9mm loose tube small optical splitter components. Mainly suitable for installation space is relatively tight, do not need to be fusion or cold connection, such as fiber optic splice box, fiber splitter box, can also be installed in the insert type and rack type optical splitter combination box.

2.LGX PLC splitter

LGX PLC splitter also can be called Cassetter PLC splitter or Module Type PLC Splitter ,It is sealed by small plasticbox to save installation space.Mainly used in FTTX systems need to split the user access point, the main role is to complete the fiber optic cable into the district or building into the end, with fiber fixing, stripping, fusion, jumper, splitting and other functions, after splitting into the form of fiber optic cable into the end user.

3.PLC splitter with ABS box

This type PLC splitter,packed in ABS plastic box, with pigtail lead-out ports. Mainly used in racks and installed in cable handover boxes when branching into the home.

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