What is Insulation Piercing Connector

Insulation Piercing Connector

Insulation Piercing Connector is a new type of cable T-connection product, they offer a better economical solution compared to cable distribution boxes and pre-branched cables.

What Is Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber optic cable is an assembly similar to an electrical cable, but containing one or more optical fibers to carry light.

5 Tips of Fiber Optic Adapter

Angled Shutter Fiber Optic Adapter

Fiber optic adapter, also known as fiber optic coupler, is a connector that connects two fiber optic cables with high precision.

What Does WDM and DWDM Meaning


WDM combines multiple optical signals with different wavelengths onto a single fiber. While DWDM uses even more closely spaced wavelengths.

SFP Module: What’s It and How to Choose It?

SFP Module What’s It and How to Choose It-BP

SFP module has been an industry workhorse for over 20 years.
This post is going to explore those problems: SFP module types and applications and how to choose suitable SFP modules are included.

What is Active Optical Cable

100G Active Optical Cable

AOC cable converts electrical signals into optical signals, transmits them through optical fiber, and then converts the optical signals back into electrical signals at the receiving end. This conversion is done by an optical conversion chip , which consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

Passive optical network

Passive optical network-BP

A passive optical network (PON) is a fiber-optic telecommunications technology for delivering broadband network access to end customers.