How to install Integrated Plug-In&Fast Connector PLC Splitter

Prepare some materials to start installing and making this new product
Materials prepared for installation
Table of Contents

Assembly instructions of new PLC optical splitter (one for eight)

Preparation materials:

1. one Mini plc splitter
2. one junction box chassis 3, one junction box cover
4, nine optical fiber aligners 5, nine cable card covers
6, Miller pliers
7、Alcohol Wipes 8, Optical fiber cutter

Assembly process:

1. Use Miller’s pliers to peel off the optical cables, and peel off each optical cable. (be careful not to damage the optical fiber)

2. Wipe the optical fiber with a paper towel or cotton dipped in an appropriate amount of alcohol to keep the optical fiber end clean.

3. Press the differential into the card slot on the top of the chassis for fixing, and assemble the cable card cover.

4. Use the optical fiber cutter to cut the optical fiber and keep the optical fiber about 6mm. (pay attention to keep the end face of the optical fiber flat)

5. Insert the differential main branch into the optical fiber aligner and push it to the bottom, and press the optical fiber aligner into the slot at the inlet end to fix it.

6. Repeat step 5, respectively insert Mini plc splitter into the optical fiber aligner and press into the remaining eight outlet end slots.

7. Use a screwdriver to drive the screws into the back cover of the box.

8. Insert the front cover of the box and complete the assembly.

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