Drop Clamp with Hook

Drop clamps, also called flat cable clamps, can be used with telephone drop wire cable,
and optical fiber cable in FTTH, FTTX, FTTB solutions

FTTH drop clamp designed for suspension or tension round or flat FTTH fiber optic cable or drop cable in FTTX construction or telephone drop wires. FTTH clamp is applied outdoor on routes with short spans up to 50mm.
FTTH drop clamp is very easy for installation, and it does not require additional tools, handily adjusted metal S-hook allows simple installation on cross-arm or suspension brackets and FTTH hooks, as well.
FTTH plastic clamp has a plastic clip for round and flat cable sizes diameter 2.5-5mm or size 2*5mm, which covers most of the popular ranges of outdoor FTTH cables. The plastic clip provides excellent adherence with cable and ensures reliable fixation.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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What is Drop Clamp?

The drop clamp is used for supporting one or two pairs of fiber drop wires. With an open trough, it is used to support separable strands. A shim, shell, and wedge are used to support the cable with the help of compression.
The drop clamp with its intelligent structure and form is used to provide support to different objects at a cable. In most cases, it is capable of supporting one and two pairs of telephone drop wires.

Types of Drop Clamps

Drop clamps consist of two types:
1, Wire wrap type
2, Compression type
Both of the types require that the clamp does not get degraded by the signal quality by damaging the signal being carried in the cable or the insulation.


Fiber optic drop clamp is mainly used for telecommunications.
The drop wire tension clamp is equipped with a perforated spacer to increase the tension load of the drop wire.
Stainless steel wire rings allow ODWAC drop clips to be installed on buildings, poles, strands with drive hooks, pole holders, stainless steel hooks, and other drop fittings and hardware. It can be provided separately or together with FTTH-CLAMP as a component.


These clamps will be used as cable dead-end at end poles (using one clamp).Two clamps
can be installed as a double dead-end in the following cases :
• at jointing poles
• at intermediate angle poles when the cable route deviates by more than 20°.
• at intermediate poles when the two spans are different in lengths
• at intermediate poles on hilly landscapes

Ord Infomation


Product Name FTTH drop cable wire clamp
Model number Wire clamp
Weight 32g
Material Plastic
Color Black
Size L 8.5CM
Type S/Wedge Type
Max Load 4KN
Application For ADSS or FTTH drop cable
Max Pull Force 65KGS
Characteristic UV Resistance and strong tensile
Function Fixed Cable Clamp
Sample Available

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