Integrate Type 12/24 Core MPO Cable OTDR


  • Multi-core testing capability (24-core and 12-core)
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • Integrated MPO end face detector
  • Customizable pass/fail thresholds
  • Remote control and pairing
  • Optional USB end point detection


  • Data centers
  • Network environments
  • Testing and verifying multi-fiber connections

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The MPO Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an essential instrument for testing and verifying the integrity of multi-fiber connections such as those used in data centers and other network environments.

This advanced device integrates critical testing functionalities including a light source, power meter, and end face detector, making it an all-in-one solution for MPO connectivity which supports both 24-core and 12-core fiber testing.

Key Features of the MPO OTDR

Multi-Core Testing Capability

The MPO OTDR supports testing for both 24-core and 12-core MPO links, allowing for comprehensive analysis and verification of multi-fiber cables. This feature makes it an invaluable tool for modern data centers where high-density fiber connections are common.

High-Resolution Touchscreen

Equipped with a 5.6-inch color LCD touchscreen, the MPO OTDR offers a user-friendly interface that enhances the ease of conducting and monitoring tests. The interactive display ensures that all measurements are easy to read and that the device’s features are accessible with minimal effort.

Integrated End Face Detector

An integrated MPO end face detector ensures the cleanliness of connectors which is crucial for maintaining the accuracy of measurements and the longevity of both the test equipment and the fiber connectors.

Customizable Pass/Fail Thresholds

To adapt to various testing requirements and standards, the MPO OTDR allows users to set custom pass/fail thresholds. This flexibility ensures that tests are aligned with specific network performance criteria, enhancing the reliability of the network installation and maintenance processes.

Remote Control and Pairing

The instrument supports pairing and remote control between two units, facilitating coordinated testing across different sections of the network. This feature greatly simplifies the testing process, especially in complex network architectures.

USB End Point Detection (Optional)

An optional USB end point detection feature adds further versatility to the MPO OTDR, enabling it to handle a broader range of testing scenarios and connector types.

Usage Instructions and Maintenance

Pre-Testing Checks

Before connecting any cables, verify that the connector types match and that the joints are clean. Using incorrect or dirty connectors can lead to inaccurate measurements and potentially damage the optical interface.

Cleaning Recommendations

It is critical to clean the fiber connector using anhydrous alcohol, focusing particularly on the end face, before connecting it to the instrument. Allow the alcohol to evaporate fully before making the connection. When not in use, cover the light source port with a dust cover to prevent contamination.

Battery Management

The MPO OTDR operates on a special lithium battery. For optimal battery performance, fully discharge the battery before charging it for the first time. This conditioning helps prolong the battery’s life and maintain its efficiency.

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