Customized 19 Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit Intelligent PDU


Our customized 19 Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is an intelligent solution for power distribution in data centers and other settings.

With its customizable design, this PDU can tailor to meet the specific needs of your equipment and facility.


  • 485 hot-swappable AC current and voltmeter and socket module are independent of each other
  • Hot-swappable installation and easy maintenance, which is also convenient for the manufacturer’s daily maintenance work.
  • High display accuracy, the display accuracy of current and voltage reaches 1% (0.1A/V)
  • Remote access function It is easy to realize the monitoring of working status and electricity consumption information.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

1. Why Select  Intelligent PDU

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are essential components for reliably distributing power to IT equipment inside a rack or cabinet. There are two varieties of PDUs: basic and intelligent.

Intelligent PDUs are becoming increasingly popular as data center architectures become more dynamic and complex. They provide a range of smart capabilities to help data center managers understand their power infrastructure.

intelligent pdu

Intelligent PDUs have these advantages:

  • Precisely monitor and control energy consumption
  • Help data center managers understand their power infrastructure
  • Optimize power infrastructure and reduce wasteful spending
  • Reliable, functional, and adaptable
  • Provide intelligent power monitoring and control
  • Offer clear view of IT power usage within the rack
  • Flexible and able to handle sudden changes
  • OEM PDU services can reduce deployment expenses and time

2. Introducing APC Metered Rack Intelligent 485PDU HPSZ1905B

The HPSZ1905B APC Metered Rack Intelligent 485PDU is an advanced power distribution unit.

It can use with various electronic equipment, including servers, switches and cabinets.

This unit can monitor the electricity usage and environmental information of the connected devices and supports remote access functionality for easy management.

With its intelligent monitoring capabilities, the 485PDU is a reliable solution for efficient power distribution.

Use environment

Project Unit Maximum  Benchmark Minimum
Input voltage V 264 220 176
Voltage accuracy ±1%
Measuring current I 63 63 0
Current resolution 0.1A
Measured power W 8000 0
Input frequency Hz 52 50 48
Ambient temperature ºC 60 -10
Storage temperature ºC 70 -20
Environmental humidity %RH 85 5

3.Why Use PDU in Data Center

power distribution unit data center

Power distribution units (PDUs) are critical components of data centers because they control, transport, and regulate power distribution to IT equipment. Some of the advantages of employing PDUs are as follows:

Better Data Center Management

PDUs can be used both locally and remotely to track, control, and regulate power usage in server farms.

Excellent power monitoring and control.

PDUs can aid in the monitoring of data center power utilization and the identification of power issues.

Uninterruptible Power Supply and Reliable Power Backup

PDUs, in general, allow for efficient power distribution and overload prevention.

Increased energy efficiency and cost savings

Intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) monitor voltage, current, power, and energy use in real time.

4. Types of Intelligent PDU

Metering Type

Metering PDUs integrating monitoring and hot-swappable technology in one monitoring power management instrument.

Monitoring Type

Monitoring PDUs integrate AC/DC universal, network communication, monitoring and control, power distribution, and hot-swappable technology in a standard-grade remote monitoring and management power distributor;

Monitoring and control Type

Designed to meet the requirements of next-generation data centre operations, the monitoring and control PDU is a sustainable, scalable and maintainable PDU that can be hot-configured or upgraded without affecting data operations;

Controlled Type

Controlled PDUs allow administrators to remotely shut down idle devices, reboot servers, turn off overloaded outlets to prevent loss, or schedule daily power on/off times for plant equipment for easy and efficient remote management;

5. Our Factory Delivery List Sample

pdu packing

Ord Infomation

APC Metered Rack Switched Horizontal Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit Cable Intelligent PDU Chinese Factory Supplier Manufacturer Made in ChinaAPC Metered Rack Switched Horizontal Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit Cable Intelligent PDU Chinese Factory Supplier Manufacturer Made in ChinaAPC Metered Rack Switched Horizontal Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit Cable Intelligent PDU Chinese Factory Supplier Manufacturer Made in China


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